Start Dropshipping Business In Nigeria

Start Dropshipping Business In Nigeria


 Start Dropshipping Business In Nigeria , Dropshipping is fast ranking among the top lucrative business ideas in the new era’s of days, It simply   entails making an agreement with a supplier to sell their goods in one’s store and While you go about marketing the products on your e-store, the product remains in the supplier’s warehouse until you get a buyer and immediately an order is placed for the product, the supplier delivers the goods directly to the client without you either getting to see nor touch the goods and needs no inventory or you having a ware house or an office space.

Start Dropshipping Business In Nigeria

 Start Dropshipping Business In Nigeria

Nigeria is ranked first on the list internet users in Africa and also ranks t

op among the countries with leading e-commerce markets and also estimated that about 50% of the Nigerian population falls under 30 years age bracket I. E there is a good number of internet-inclined audience with all these its presumed that venting into drop shipping business in Nigeria would be futile and yield a lot.


Start Dropshipping Business In Nigeria , It was analyzed that inventing into the business does not in any way violate any law in Nigeria and As a Nigerian, It does not attract any legal taxes and If your merchandise targets the Nigerian market, you would definitely be exempted from paying tax duty when the goods arrive.

Start Dropshipping Business In Nigeria , here are no legal stipulations that compel you to register your business with CAC – or related authorities. SO rest assured – As you begin on your dropshipping journey, you’d have no legal barriers. You may, however, decide to register your business as it grows – but that’s solely yours to decide, so running the  droppshipping business in Nigeria, no worries about legal papers and taxes which is a huge plus compare to those selling there markets in a Market, Office space, warehouses and so on.

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  • Picking a Niche or Product :

As denoted niche is a market segment and Identifying a niche is the first thing to sort out in your dropshipping plan. While there are a lot of newbies fear a possible saturation of the niches, this isn’t entirely true – new niches and products emerges practically every week. Fact is, the opportunities are almost inexhaustible.

One – among other – key reasons many people fail at dropshipping is haste at selecting a niche. If, as a newbie, you rashly jump into saturated niches dominated by top sellers or major brand names, you’d be in for an uphill battle – one you may never win.

Things to be considered when choosing a Niche :

  1. Go with your interest, hobbies and passion
  2. Uncover a common problem around – perhaps one you can relate to
  3. Know your competitors and prepare for the competition.
  4. Go for what you think is profitable.
  • Sourcing for Products :

Start Dropshipping Business In Nigeria , After selecting a Niche or a product to be run, The next thing is to look or source for suppliers as its very crucial and essential and it was denoted that suppliers are a key factor that determines if ones dropshipping business will succeed or not. While there are several ecommerce platforms to source for products, here are top recommendations:

  1. Chinabrands
  2. Oberlo
  3. Ali express
  • Setting up an E-store :

On reaching an agreement with supplier, the need  to set up an e-store is the next step and which can actually be actualized in two (2) ways.

  1. Selling on a third party ecommerce platforms
  2. Creating your own store with Shopify, WordPress etc.
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Top third-party e-commerce platforms :

  1. Shopify
  2. WordPress
  3. com
  4. Kaymu
  5. Jumia Nigeria
  6. Konga Nigeria
  • Marketing or Advertising the Product :

Start Dropshipping Business In Nigeria , Marketing or Advertising are business strategy or ways used in sourcing for customers and its of believe that Customers don’t come out of nowhere. If you need visitors, find them. Don’t set up your store, sit back, and expect people to buy your products. You may have to go show them what you have and they’d come visiting.

Ways to market the Products :

  1. Email Marketing
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Blog /Forum marketing

The aforementioned methods are the free marketing methods while the Premium Marketing Methods are :

  1. Google Ads
  2. Facebook Ads.
  • Test and Test :

To reach a conclusion or ascertained that a product or supplier is absolutely right is until you discover  through trial-and-error.

Start Dropshipping Business In Nigeria , We know selling beauty products is profitable, but it doesn’t mean you can make money. While dropshipping maybe the best way to test a new product. It doesn’t require you to keep large quantity of products and keep in warehouse. When there is one order, you pay one order from the supplier by so doing before getting the right products,  dropshipping is the easiest and cheapest way to test a new product.

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