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Jacqualine Ray, Jacqueline Mary Ray was born in Burbank, California USA, on 17 July 1952, so under the sign of Cancer, and holding American nationality. She is best known  for her acting career, as well as for the fact that she was the first wife of Tom Selleck – she was also considered to be one of the most beautiful models of her time and a prominent actress in Hollywood. Her talent in acting enabled her to land various roles in both movies and television shows. Apart from acting and modelling, she is best known as Jacqueline Ray Tom Selleck’s first wife.

Jacqualine Ray, She is a very popular in the entertainment industry during her time and This was because the lady was not only a talented actress but also a hot model. However, while Ray’s career was blossoming, her personal life was somewhat of a disaster. She ended up having three failed marriages and was sentenced to prison for hiring a hitman!


  • Dallas (1983)
  • Matt Houston (1983)
  • The New Mike Hammer (1984)
  • Beyond the Universe (1981)
  • Frasier, the Sensuous Lion (1973)
  • In Like Flint (1967)
  • The Killings at Outpost Zeta (1980).
  • Unfabulous (2006)
  • “Unfabulous: The Best Trip Ever” (2007)


Jacqualine Ray, Jacqueline and her daughter Umeko have always been close. However, as much as parents want to protect their kids forever, daughters tend to get married and leave the parent’s nest. So when Umeko got married to Leon Bauchum in 2008, everyone wished them nothing but happiness and long life.

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Jacqualine Ray, The mother-daughter bond is so strong that when the movie star found that her child Umeko was being abused by her husband, she decided to take matters into her own hands and then  hired an assassin to kill her son-in-law, Leon Bauchum and which was what makes her to bag 18-years prison sentence which she is serving, Though the actress claimed her motive for killing the son-in-law was because he was abusing not only her daughter Umeko but also her grandchildren but all turned to deaf ears ad she was charged with secondary degree murder and currently behind the bars.

Ethnicity and height

She was 5 feet 7 inches tall and belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity group,  While her exact body measurements are unknown, judging from her sexy photos available online, it is clear that the former model has a beautiful figure.


Jacqueline’s love life was full of ups and downs as she was in and out of relationships, and married a couple of times.

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Her first husband was named Shepard, and that’s everything the public knows about him – the two of them have a son, Kevin Selleck who was born in 1966.

Jacqualine Ray, Her second husband was Tom Selleck, a famous actor and producer who is best known for playing “Magnum PI” from 1980-88, who she married on 15 May, 1971. He decided to adopt Jacqueline’s son who was called Kevin S. Shepard before the adoption, and he ended up becoming an actor just like his mom and his stepfather, mostly known for his role in “Scream 2”, and who married Anabelle the two of them are living apparently happily together today and of which they later divorced in 1982 – it is speculated that Jacqueline wanted a divorce because she was jealous about all the attention which Tom was getting from his female fans after he became popular for his role in “Magnum, P.I.”..

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Jacqualine Ray, She steps on and try marrying one more time, to Clarence Barry Witmer on 21 March 1992 – this marriage did not last for long, but the exact date of their divorce is unknown, And she has a daughter called Umeko Ray, but it is not known who her father is although there are rumors that it is someone who Jacqueline was with during her marriage with Clarence.



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